Bosnia & Herzegovina and Terrorism (2015)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Chronicles

by ORC

Observing Bosnia and Herzegovina in this time of transition, in great economic crisis, various political and economic turbulence and period of hunger and poverty – we can notice links between Bosnia and Herzegovina and certain types of terrorism and terrorist organizations. It is difficult to say that any country in the world is not linked with some kind
of terrorism, and therefore B&H is not immune to this sort of violence and political influence.

After the dissolution of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ), and after the first democratic elections in B&H, nationalist parties, whose key objective were to divide Bosnia and Herzegovina, came to power. When all of the political options for some kind of division of B&H by the nationalist parties were exhausted, governments of our neighboring countries were supported greatly with political and all kinds of actions and the war in B&H started. Some call this war the civil war or national war, some call it a religious war, and some call it aggression, but because the influence by the neighboring countries (in particular Croatia and Serbia) on the war was aggression.


The full version of the chronicle: Bosnia & Herzegovina and Terrorism

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