Food Availability and Security /Montenegro (2013)

Chronicles Montenegro

by ADP-Zid

Although the question of food quality is as old as human beings, in Montenegro we never paid sufficient attention to it.
This very important security issue goes into the background of interests due to low purchasing power and decreasing
living standards, because for a good percentage of the population topical problem becomes food availability and
existence. For those who do not have this problem, there is the persisting pressure of economic uncertainty. This is the
reason why there is a small number of people paying attention on how some products arrive to Montenegro – is it legal or
illegal, what it is written on the label, if the label exists anyway. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that food security
remains to be perceived as an issue concerning only a very small and privilidged circle of people in the form of organic
food safety and quality, and doesn’t transform into a larger issue of food availability and product price.

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