Migrants – Refugees and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Chronicles


by ORC

Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq during 2015 … Every day they are moving towards the European Union. Their main route is across the Balkans, mostly through Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. Thousands and thousands of men, women and children began their journey in various ways, by land or sea, just to reach the territory of European countries. Their final destinations are countries like Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, and even France and Spain. Many of them want to find their peace in Great Britain, too.

Refugees, whose number is increasing every day, stay in Macedonia and Serbia only for a day or two, and then they try to go further towards the European Union via Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. A lot of sparks and crisis flared in the last few months, not only because of the large affluence of refugees, but also because of the unpreparedness of Balkan countries in reception and transit, so it resulted even with closure of the borders between countries.

The full version of the chronicle: Migrants – Refugees and Bosnia & Herzegovina

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