Social Unrest in BiH (2014)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Chronicles

by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) Tuzla – Youth Resource Center Tuzla

March 2014

In 1990th. First democratic elections were organized in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The attempt was to
make transition from some moderate liberal socialism to democratic capitalism. The results of those first elections brought
such results that in almost every republic of former Yugoslavia nationalist parties and forces won the elections, while
reformist forces and the communists were defeated. With the first democratic elections begun to emerge policy and
thinking of secession of some republics of Yugoslavia’s federal structure. The year of 1991 was the year of secession and
independence on the ground of former Yugoslavia. The first country to separate from Yugoslavia was Slovenia, then
Croatia, and after Croatia was Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Turning on the referendum 1 on the 1 st of March
in 1992. Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed their democratic opinion and the right to leave the Yugoslav federation. On
the referendum 60% of citizens came out, and 99% of them voted for independence.

See full PDF version: Bosnia & Herzegovina Chronicle 7: Social Unrest in BiH

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