Violence in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Chronicles

by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) Tuzla – Youth Resource Center Tuzla

January 2014

Are the juvenile and peer violence and violence in schools in BiH increasing? Or, it is only about the growing trend in publishing of such violence in the form of video clips on social networks? What are the causes for the increase of violence in schools: in the absence of parental education, lack of laws on juvenile justice and / or failure to implement the same, insufficient and uneducated staff in schools, lack of prevention mechanisms for juvenile violence in schools. Or maybe the course is in difficult social-economic situation in which are all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina? How should BiH society, educational and pedagogical institutions fight against this phenomenon, which is progressing rapidly and significantly affects the index of human security in BiH? See full PDF version: Bosnia & Herzegovina Chronicle 6: Violence in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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