Traffic Accidents & Human Security (2013) / B&H


by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) Tuzla – Youth Resource Center Tuzla

October 2013

In the last year of 2012 in Bosnia and Herzegovina there was a total of 1.096.232 motor vehicles registered,
as compared to the year of 2011. (1.026.254) shows an increase of 69.978 vehicles for 6,82%.
Although Bosnia is at the very bottom of all charts and tables of socio-economic development, gross national income
and development, and at the top of poverty analysis, upward trend in purchasing a car in BiH continues. Each year
citizens of BiH are buying and registering new vehicles. The purpose of a vehicle in this country it is not just a way of
transport, but rather a symbol of a status and power.

The average BiH citizen will rather give up on buying new shoes, going to a vacation, at the concert, cinema or
theater, just to buy a car, which is according to him something existential, economic and question of prestige.
Inspired by their parents youth in BiH consider owning their own car a matter of prestige, power, and reputation
between peers and also a girls. Birth of a new millionaires in the country, which is in transition for over a 20 years, is
leading up to the fact that the global trends in the automotive industry simply must follow. Buying your son or a
daughter a new four-wheeled friend in the form of the latest models and the strongest class like the Audi A6, BMW,
Mercedes and Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc., will show your business partners, friends and family how wealthy,
strong and powerful you are.

See full PDF version: Bosnia and Herzegovina Chronicle 5: Traffic Accidents

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