Inadequate witness protection program in Kosovo (2013)

Chronicles Kosovo


Priština, May 2013

Witness protection poses a significant challenge in Kosovo, where the impunity of powerful perpetrators of politically or
ethnically motivated crimes has not been effectively confronted.

Therefore, unwillingness to protect witnesses of war and organized crimes in post conflict Kosovo and the permanent
threats they are faced with, poses a real threat to stability of the country and democratization of society in a longer term.

Victim and witness cooperation is essential to ensure fair and successful prosecutions, yet often in post-conflict situations,
individuals do not want to cooperate out of fear. Providing witness protection is therefore both an expedient for law
enforcement as well as a fundamental legal obligation. While the need to investigate and prosecute serious crimes will
arise at an early stage, it can take years to enact legislation to establish effective mechanisms to protect witnesses,
including building the capacity and ensuring the integrity of those who implement these mechanisms.

See full PDF version: Kosovo Chronicle 3 – Inadequate witness protection program in Kosovo

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